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Francien Bossema

I am currently a PhD student in the Computational Imaging group at CWI, Amsterdam on the Impact4Art project. Photo: CWI/Minnie Middelberg

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2021 Marta Domínguez-Delmás, Francien G. Bossema, Jan Dorscheid, Sophia Bethany Coban, Moorea Hall-Aquitania, K. Joost Batenburg, Erma Hermens: ‘X-ray computed tomography for non-invasive dendrochronology reveals a concealed double panelling on a painting from Rubens’ studio’, PLOS ONE, (27 augustus 2021)

2021 Francien G. Bossema, Marta Domínguez-Delmás, Willem Jan Palenstijn, Alexander Kostenko, Jan Dorscheid, Sophia Bethany Coban, Erma Hermens, K. Joost Batenburg, A novel method for dendrochronology of large historical wooden objects using line trajectory X-ray tomography, Scientific Reports 11, 11024, 2021

2021 Marta Domínguez-Delmás, Francien G. Bossema, Bieke van der Mark, Alexander Kostenko, Sophia Bethany Coban, Sjoerd van Daalen, Paul van Duin, K. Joost Batenburg, Dating and provenancing the Woman with lantern sculpture – A contribution towards attribution of Netherlandish art, Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2021

2021 Francien G.Bossema, Sophia Bethany Coban, Alexander Kostenko, Paul van Duin, Jan Dorscheid, Isabelle Garachon, Erma Hermens, Robert van Liere, K. Joost Batenburg, Integrating expert feedback on the spot in a time-efficient explorative CT scanning workflow for cultural heritage objects, Journal of Cultural Heritage, Vol. 49, p38-47, 2021

2019 F.G. Bossema, P. Burger, L. Bratton, A. Challenger, R.C. Adams, P. Sumner, J. Schat, M.E. Numans, I. Smeets, Expert quotes and exaggeration in health news: A retrospective quantitative content analysis, Wellcome Open Res. (2019).

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2018 F. Bossema, J. Retrê, S. Pereira, P. Russo, ‘Your night out under the stars’: Reaching beyond native audiences, CAP journal (2018).


2019 A five-tile tomographic micro-CT dataset of the oak sculpture Holy woman with lantern, see Zenodo.

2019 Three tomographic CT datasets of a woven fabric, see Zenodo.


2017 Click here for the articles written in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

2017 Met bacteriën naar Mars, Ad Valvas, nr. 15 2017, pp. 10-13,


2020 Open letter Europen Women in Mathematics Society on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on untenured and female mathematicians

2016 Math trail Leiden

2011 Profielwerkstuk Vossius Gymnasium ‘Vrouwen in de Wiskunde’ (high school last year paper, in Dutch)